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Local Government Revenue Estimation Tool

The Local Government Revenue Estimation Tool (LgRET) and Guide are designed to help Local Governments (LGs) in recurrent revenue performance analysis and forecasting.

The related guide advises on the use of the tool and covers sources of Revenue to LGs; Fiscal Performance Analysis; Concepts underpinning the forecasting model; Structure of the Local Government Revenue Estimation MS Excel model; and using the Forecasting model (including sources of data). The local government recurrent revenues covered in this tool are Statutory Allocation, VAT, Excess Crude and Local Government (LG) internally generated revenues.

The guide explains the sources of data (global, national, state) for the revenue estimation, how to present the data in graphical format in MS Excel, the key in-year data collection from the monthly FAAC pack, as well as the MS Excel templates to accompany the guide.

The Tool and Guide will be useful to officials of government responsible for local government revenue, budgeting and general financial management functions; as well as civil society organisations interested in local government financial management.



1. LgRET Guide.pdf
2. LgRET v1.xlsx
3. LgRET v1 Example for xx LG Unit.xlsx
4. LgRET FAAC Data Collection Template (Optional).xls









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