1 Developing effective policy and strategy

Policies set out what a government intends to achieve and how it intends to act. Strategies describe the steps a government will use to implement a policy that is already in place. Getting both right, therefore, is a key step in improving the governance of a country.

The SPARC programme encourages states to develop policies that align with national and state priorities. This means making sure that policy in one sector takes into account the effect that it will have in other sectors and developing strategies that are based on accurate information. Strategies and targets based on actual data are more likely to be realistic than those that are not. Research is important as it helps to ensure that policies benefit everyone they are intended to, to check that there are no technical reasons to stop the policy being applied and to make sure that the government services that have to apply the policy have the capacity to do so.

This section shows how state governments have tackled reforming how they develop policy and strategy.

This section has four sub-sections: