1.3.20 Lagos State: how to produce policy briefs

A policy brief is a short and concise document that presents research findings, policy options and recommendations to policy makers. It synthesises a large amount of complex information and is commonly produced in response to a direct request from a decision-maker or officer within an organisation who intends to advocate for the position detailed in the brief.

This guide describes the processes involved in evolving policy briefs from research findings and draws from the experiences of Lagos State. It starts with a description of a policy brief and takes the reader through the step-by-step stages of developing a policy brief, with scope for the user to add further things if necessary.

How to Produce Policy Briefs is the first in a series of SPARC monitoring and evaluation (M&E) how to guides. The aim is to share results, including lessons learned, within the M&E work stream, with the potential for replication in other states.

Of interest to: Ministries, state and local governments, community partners, development partners
Issuing body: SPARC
Type of resource: How to guide
Status: Final
Date: June 2014
Title: How to Produce Policy Briefs: Experiences from Lagos State
Number of pages: 16
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