2.4.6 Review of 148 local governments' expenditure on Millennium Development Goal activities, 2010–2012

This study of the 148 local governments under the Conditional Grants Scheme to Local Government Areas (LGAs) programme assesses expenditure of local governments on Millennium Development Goal (MDG) related activities and investment, particularly in education and health in 2010–2012.

The study found that at current level (i.e., 2012) of Federation allocations to LGAs, only 13.51% of the 148 LGAs (20 LGAs) can rely solely on their Federation allocations to fund their needs assessment requirements to achieve MDGs by 2015.

These findings are even more critical when examined from a zonal perspective, as greater proportion of the LGAs with Federation allocations that will cover their needs assessment investments are from a particular zone (i.e., South West).

The report recommends that government running costs should be reduced in order to release resources to fund sectors that will lead to the attainment of MDGs.

Of interest to: Citizens, local governments, state governments, development partners
Issuing body: The Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on the Millennium Development Goals
Type of resource: Report
Status: Final
Date: June 2013
Title: Public Financial Management Review of 148 Local Governments under the Conditional Grants Scheme
Number of pages: 119
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