3 Improving public services

Improving public services means changing the ways that public services deliver services to citizens. This means first defining responsibilities of government ministries, departments or agencies, then ensuring that ministers and staff have enough funds, people, equipment and other resources to carry out these responsibilities. All this cannot be tackled at once. It is a step-by-step process over several years.

Clearly, public service reform can include almost anything that could affect the effectiveness – doing the right things – and efficiency – doing things in the right way – of public service delivery. SPARC and state governments are working together to understand where changes are needed, and to decide which areas to tackle first.

This section includes documents on:

The section on Setting priorities for improvement contains a guide for conducting self-assessment performance management for improving public services. It also contains examples from Lagos and Enugu for improving public services, managing public finances, developing policies and strategies, and monitoring and evaluation. The examples from Lagos show the two step process (i) a change matrix followed by (ii) a change plan, which together constitute the Lagos change programme. The examples from Enugu focus on the change plans.