3.5.6 Ideas, frameworks and tools for human resource professionals

This suite of resources has been developed to make information on actual human resource management concepts and practices widely available, both to those involved in the SPARC programme and to other people and organisations.

The ideas, frameworks and tools it contains have been developed, piloted and successfully launched by SPARC over the years. The resource suite is designed for the reform-minded and progressive reader to adopt, adapt and take forward as they see fit, encouraging them to develop their own initiatives.

The resource contains a series of materials that can be 'dipped into' and used according to the reader's own interests, reform agenda and appetite. Organised into four sections (Concepts, Frameworks, Practitioner Tools and Training Resources), all of the documents listed are available electronically on a CD provided with the booklet. The CD also includes example tools and templates and some prepared visual aids in the form of PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets.

Of interest to: Human resource professionals and senior managers in the public service
Issuing body: SPARC
Type of resource: Guide to resources
Status: Final
Date: 2013
Title: SPARC Human Resources Management Resource Suite
Number of pages: 12
File type: PDF
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