6.2 State Economic and Empowerment Development Strategies and benchmarking

This section contains 18 documents on the State Economic and Empowerment Development Strategies (SEEDS) programme produced by SLGP, a governance development programme that operated in Nigeria from 2001 to 2008.

SEEDS became an important issue for SLGP following the Nigerian Government's introduction of a similar national initiative. This led to the programme taking on a larger dimension and SLGP advising the federal National Planning Commission in Abuja as well as state governments.

The programme's general approach was of a policy and strategic nature and the work involved a wide variety of consultation, data collection, budgeting and advising.

Also linked to the development of the programme was a nation wide exercise to monitor SEEDS related benchmarks.

The scores from the benchmark exercises were aimed at improving awareness in the states of their current levels of achievement and areas where particular attention was required.

In these 18 documents there are:

Of interest to: State and federal governments, policy makers, development partners, stakeholders
Issuing body: State and Local Government Programme (SLGP)
Type of resource: Reports
Status: Final
Date: Multiple
6.2.1 Jigawa State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy Workshop
6.2.2 SEEDS Preparation Ekiti – Data Support Work for Sectoral Committees and Priority Policy Areas Phase II
6.2.3 Developing an Operational Framework for Sustained Knowledge Base in Kaduna State
6.2.4 Data Management Verification of Street Numbers and Street Names in 6 Districts of the Federal Capital City (FCC) Abuja Environmental Protection Board
6.2.5 SEEDS Review – North East Zone
6.2.6 SEEDS Review – South East Zone
6.2.7 SEEDS Review – South West Zone
6.2.8 SEEDS Review – North Central Zone
6.2.9 SEEDS Review – North West Zone
6.2.10 SEEDS Review – South South Zone
6.2.11 SEEDS Benchmark Scoring Exercise
6.2.12 Coherence of SEEDS, Policy Briefs and Budget Process
6.2.13 Kano State 2006 Internal SEEDS Benchmarking
6.2.14 Baseline Review of M&E Systems Kano State: Towards the Development of K SEEDS II
6.2.15 Community Scorecard Design and Implementation Assignment
6.2.16 FEEDS I Review and Developing a Framework for Feeds II
6.2.17 Facilitating Community Involvement in the Development of Ezeagu LEEDSSLGP and Donor Experience with LEEDS
6.2.18 SLGP and Donor Experience with LEEDS

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