6.5 Media and dissemination

This section contains five documents on media produced by SLGP, a governance development programme that operated in Nigeria from 2001 to 2008.

Corruption problems in Nigerian governments could be eased by using media for improving transparency. But reports on the topic are unpopular with government partners and so consequently are paid little attention, despite the considerable successes for the small amount of work produced.

The reports fall into three categories:

The reports follow two themes. One is media publication of information about government business to improve transparency and accountability. The other, and more popular theme, is using media for publicity. The second has potential to be manipulative but both themes are implicitly partisan and political, and therefore sensitive.

In these documents there are:

Of interest to: State and federal governments, public relations and press departments, policy makers, stakeholders
Issuing body: State and Local Government Programme (SLGP)
Type of resource: Reports
Status: Final
Date: Multiple
6.5.1 Requirement for Centres of Learning and Information Resources
6.5.2 A Communications Strategy for Benue State
6.5.3 Evaluation and Review of Radio Campaign and other Publicity Initiatives in Jigawa
6.5.4 Evaluation and Review of Hannu Daya in Jigawa State
6.5.5 Listening Patterns For Radio In Jigawa State: SEEDS Drama Series and Hannu Daya In Focus

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