6.6 Social and poverty studies

This section contains six documents on social and poverty studies produced by SLGP, a governance development programme that operated in Nigeria from 2001 to 2008.

The studies are closely related to strategy and policy making with the main purpose to collect information for poverty reduction or wealth creation policy improvement. But they are considered a separate topic from strategy and policy development because they provide part of a social and poverty baseline for the SLGP programme.

All the studies were conducted during 2001–2003. After this, State Economic and Empowerment Development Strategies assessments and work on policy and strategy improvement were better integrated.

In these documents there are:

The last group of documents are studies building a baseline of civil society organisations in each state. But they also examine potential for the involvement of these groups in reform, and in making and monitoring poverty policies.

Of interest to: State and federal governments, policy makers, development partners, stakeholders
Issuing body: State and Local Government Programme (SLGP)
Type of resource: Reports
Status: Final
Date: Multiple
6.6.1 Desk Study and Scoping Mission on Poverty and Well-Being in Benue State
6.6.2 Desk Study and Scoping Mission on Poverty in Ekiti State
6.6.3 A Review of Poverty Data, and Assessment of Policies and Institutions Addressing Poverty Reduction in Enugu State
6.6.4 Progressing Work on Poverty Reduction and Poverty Policy in Ekiti State
6.6.5 Civil Society Organisation and Strategy Development in Benue State
6.6.6 Updating Information on the Status and Strengths of Civil Society Organisations in Jigawa State

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