6.7 Monitoring, evaluation and internal reviews

This section contains nine documents on monitoring, evaluation and internal reviews produced by SLGP, a governance development programme that operated in Nigeria from 2001 to 2008.

The reports deal with the challenges of monitoring what was initially a process programme. Locally defined objectives often shifted, making monitoring difficult.

An issues based approach was later adopted to build local consensus for institutional changes. But objectives were often still initially unclear, only improving once institutional obstacles to improvements were identified. These projects remained a challenge to effectively monitor.

In these documents there are:

Of interest to: State governments, policy makers, development partners, stakeholders
Issuing body: State and Local Government Programme (SLGP)
Type of resource: Reports
Status: Final
Date: Multiple
6.7.1 Developing an Approach to Process for SLGP
6.7.2 Facilitation of the Development of the Logical Framework for the Benue State Reform Team Reform Action Plan
6.7.3 The Design of a Monitoring and Evaluation System for the State and Local Government Programme
6.7.4 The Monitoring and Evaluation System of the State and Local Government Programme
6.7.5 Report on Monitoring and Evaluating the State and Local Government Programme 2005–2006
6.7.6 Monitoring and Evaluating SLGP 2005–2006
6.7.7 Report on Monitoring and Evaluation of SLGP 2005–2006
6.7.8 Preparation for the Output to Purpose Review
6.7.9 Kaduna State Partnership – Potential for Support Under the DFID State and Local Government Programme

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