6.9 Lessons learned reports

This section contains nine reports produced to record and disseminate lessons learned in work by SLGP, a governance development programme that operated in Nigeria from 2001 to 2008.

A key problem is knowing what constitutes a lesson. In specialised technical work, lessons are mostly specific and conclusions are easily identified in the output's narrow factors.

But in more general work, some conclusions based on empirical evidence may seem correct while actually precluding more valid possibilities. For example, a failure deemed to be caused by insufficient political backing for a project may cause the avoidance of future ventures with sufficient public backing to create the necessary support.

In these documents there are:

Of interest to: State governments, policy makers, development partners, stakeholders
Issuing body: State and Local Government Programme (SLGP)
Type of resource: Reports
Status: Final
Date: Multiple
6.9.1 Lesson Learning From SLGP Ekiti: Review of the Service Delivery Improvement Pilot, the SEEDS Process and the Debt Management Unit
6.9.2 Issue Based Projects: Lesson Learning Review of Enugu Solid Waste Management Pilot
6.9.3 Lesson Learned Review of SLGP's Support to Solid Waste Management IBPs
6.9.4 Design of SLGP Lesson Learning and Dissemination Activities
6.9.5 Lessons Learned Review of SLGP's Support to Improved Policy and Strategy
6.9.6 Lessons Learned from Support for Improved Policy and Strategy making with State and Local Governments in Nigeria (Kano)
6.9.7 Lessons Learned Review of SLGP's Support to Public Financial Management
6.9.8 Draft Report on Lessons Learned Dissemination Workshops in Lagos, Enugu, Kano and Abuja
6.9.9 Final Report on Lessons Learned Review of SLGP's Support to Civil Service Reform and Improved Service Delivery

Number of pages: Multiple
File type: PDF
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