IPSAS Reporting Tool

The SPARC General Purpose Financial Statement (GPFS) template is meant to aid states using the NCOA and wishing to produce its GPFS. The template allows the automatic and speedy creation of a State's four main statements of the GPFS on IPSAS Cash Basis including the Cash Flow Statement, a Statement of Assets and Liabilities, Statement of Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF), and a Statement of Capital Development Fund (CDF) which are presented in a report referred to as 'The Final Accounts' or 'The Accountant General's Report'.

The template has been developed in Microsoft Excel in line with the FAAC IPSAS Sub-Committee prescription, and is predicated on the basis that the state government is able to generate a trial balance at the end of the financial period for which the financial statements are meant. In addition to producing the four Main Financial Statements, the SPARC template produces reconciliations which are necessary to ensure the integrity of the accounts, including the CRF and CDF opening and closing balances, debt, assets and liabilities, and sinking funds.

The template is accompanied by a User Guide and Training Manual and will be useful to officials in the state's Finance Ministry or Treasury that are responsible for the production of final accounts and the General Purpose Financial Statements.

1. IPSAS GPFS Template User and Technical Guide.pdf
2. IPSAS GPFS Cash Basis Template v5 NCOA test data 1.xlsx
3. IPSAS GPFS Cash Basis Template v5 NCOA test data 2.xlsx
4. IPSAS GPFS Cash Basis Template v5 NCOA blank.xlsx
5. IPSAS GPFS Cash Basis Template v5 NCOA with data.xlsx