SPARC public financial management database

The latest version of the PFM Database is dated December 2015 and contains budget data from 2004 to 2015 and actual data from 2004 to 2014 for the ten states where SPARC works (Kano and Katsina have up to 2013 actual data).

About this tool

A database is used for organising data systematically to allow for the quick processing and retrieval of information. The public financial management (PFM) database stores financial data for each SPARC state and enables easy retrieval for PFM analysis. The PFM database helps in the analysis and reporting of different PFM indicators, including sector expenditure and revenue performance, among others, across several years.

The PFM database has two versions which serve two different purposes:

1. SPARC-Public-Financial-Management-Users-Guide.pdf
2 SPARC-PFM-Database-Pivot-Table-Release-V-4-0-6-12-15.xlsx
3 SPARC-PFM-Database-MIS-Release-V-4.0,-24-11-15.accdb