Corporate Planning Guidance Pack

Short and simple processes for state government structures and functions: The SPARC guidance pack for effective corporate planning

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Corporate planning is a framework to help state governments' ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) establish their mission, vision and strategic objectives, and to configure their functions, structures, processes and workforce so they can meet the service delivery standards required of them.

There is no mystery about corporate planning. It is simply an approach to assist organisations to make themselves fit for purpose. Specifically, a corporate plan guides the management and staff of an MDA or parastatal in a cohesive effort to carry out the MDA's mandates.

Some of the most important areas of the corporate planning process are:

This pack should be used by state government officials whose role supports corporate planning in their states. The materials are available to be used as they are, and can also be adapted and redrafted as necessary to improve relevance to specific state situations.

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How to Use the Guidance Pack

This guidance pack presents a short and simple corporate planning process to be undertaken in five main stages, ideally over a six-month period as follows:

Stage 1


2 weeks

Stage 2

Mandates, Mission, Vision, Objectives

2 weeks

Stage 3

Functions, Structures and Processes

2 months

Stage 4

Establishment and Workforce Planning

2.5 months

Stage 5

Implementation Plan and Handover

2 weeks

Resource materials contained in the accompanying Toolkit have been expanded to include guidance on each stage of the process as follows:

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How this Guidance Pack is Organised

This Corporate Planning Guidance Pack is organised in two parts, the Overview and Guidance (Part 1) and the Toolkit (Part 2), with an additional section of further resources. All parts can be downloaded below, and are available as a CD with the booklet by contacting:

Part 1, the Overview and Guidance, provides definitive guidance on the corporate planning concept, context and framework, and provides some practical hints on using the corporate planning approach.

Part 2, the Toolkit, provides a variety of step-by-step guides, checklists, templates and examples to help with each stage.

Other Resources supplement the information in the Overview and Guidance document and Toolkit:

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SPARC Corporate Planning Guidance Pack (introductory booklet)

Part 1, the Overview and Guidance

Overview and Guidance

Part 2, the Toolkit

Stage 1: Preparation
1a Briefing Note on Corporate Planning
1b Readiness for Change Checklist
1c PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction to Corporate Planning
1d Sensitisation Exercise: Walk-through Corporate Planning End-to-end
1e Model Corporate Planning Timetable
Stage 2: Mandates, Mission, Vision, Objectives
2a Checklists and Examples for Setting Mission, Vision and Values
2b Guidance and Template for Development of Medium Term Objectives
2c Guide to Producing Service Charters
Stage 3: Functions, Structures and Processes
3a Step-by-step Guidance to Functional, Structural and Process Reviews
3b Guidance and Templates to Assist with Process Review
3c Examples of Simple and Complex Process Flowcharts
Stage 4: Establishment and Workforce Planning
4a Step-by-step Guidance on Establishment and Workforce Planning
4b Guide to Job Evaluation
4c Model Template for Job Description
4d Records for Workforce Planning: The HR Database
(use in conjunction with the three files in the Other Resources section below)
4e Guidance on Capacity Building and Training
4f Ideas to Address Immediate Workforce Gaps and Shortages
Stage 5: Implementation Plan and Handover
5a Example of Corporate Planning Implementation Plan

Other Resources

Glossary of Terms
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
PowerPoint Presentation on Corporate Planning (an Introduction)
Human Resources Management Guide to Personnel Record Keeping (to be read in conjunction with file 4d in the Toolkit)
Human Resources Management Database (to be read in conjunction with file 4d in the Toolkit)
Human Resources Management Database Instructions (to be read in conjunction with file 4d in the Toolkit)


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